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Our Objectives

 Our objectives at FxForex.com are centred around helping people trade successfully online, and take advantage of the myriad of trading opportunities available today. To fulfil these objectives, we make it our mission to:

  • outline the different types of tradable assets available online;
  • review online brokers to help visitors select the best ones for their specific needs and preferences;
  • highlight the best trading apps on the market for traders on the go;
  • provide a clear overview of the potential profits and losses involved in different types of online trading activities;
  • communicate the latest news in the field of forex trading.

What we do

Our team of writers and experts are constantly keeping themselves up to date with the latest developments and opportunities in online trading. They carefully evaluate and review each new trading platform before recommending it to visitors, with the aim of outlining the pros and cons of each one in an honest and transparent manner.

Our History

FxForex.com was launched in 2020, following the success of the Swedish site, fxforex.se, which has been in existence since 2010. Despite its recent launch, the FxForex.com team has already partnered up with top online brokers as part of its efforts to direct visitors to secure and reliable trading platforms. 

Working at FxForex.com

FxForex consists of a small team of writers, designers and developers with experience in forex trading and other forms of trading. We value hard work, transparency and the sharing of valuable information, and share one common interest: that of tapping into new opportunities in the dynamic world of online trading!

Contact Us

We welcome any questions, insight or feedback on all things online trading! Contact Us here to share your experiences or to discuss how we may be of help to you.


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